What to Look Before buying a Steam Iron

Irons are used in our daily life. When we wake up, first thing after brushing we think what to wear today? Which dress needs ironing and which don’t?  We usually prefer fabrics which don’t need ironing because we think ironing is a tedious task.

Or sometimes we give clothes for ironing to the outside vendors, if we are getting ready for any function/conference etc. We feel the daily use iron will not be able to make the clothe plain and get rid of wrinkles and crumbs. Often having a steam iron in the home we don’t use it, as while pressing it doesn’t give the desired results.

Before buying steam iron there are certain things which we should take care of like:

Emphasizing on the brand– While choosing clothes/watches we see the brand value at first, similarly with the iron we need to check on the best brand available for the same. Good brands enhance credibility and most importantly we can trust on the constraint. There are certain brands which don’t provide a warranty. Make sure you are purchasing a product with warranty.

Focus on the desired type of steam iron – Soleplate/ceramic/ stainless steel/cast iron etc includes the type of steam iron. But exactly what you want would be your main focus. What types of material dominate your wardrobe and other factors determine which type of steam iron you require.

Trial and error method in  the shop– Make sure it has a transparent water reservoir, drip protection, auto-shut off, button groove etc.


Flat irons, box irons or slug irons, charcoal, sad irons etc have become minimal in use, people are shifting to steam irons. But make sure you are keeping above points in mind when you are purchasing a steam iron.

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