Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Gokarna Next

Gokarna is among one of the best locations for you if you are in love with beaches. The place is a holy town and not only are the beaches enthralling of that place but you will be really surprised by the enthusiasm that you will get to see from the Hindu devotees of Gokarna.

There are many beaches that are considered as holy beaches considering the Om beach which is a beach with a coast that makes Om sign. Many reasons are there that can make you visit Gokarna for your next trip, and if you have never been to this place, then you haven’t truly lived your life. Anyways, here are some things that can make you plan for Gokarna. So, let us get started –

1) Ancient Shrines and Temples

Gokarna is home to the holy Mahabaleshwar Temple which is a well known ancient shrine. There are many unravelling temples including Mahabaleshwar temples in Gokarna that are just a perfect place to worship and as well as spend a beautiful evening.

Not only this, the people of Gokarna are really simple living, and they have many traditions that will add thrill to your trip. If you want to witness the beauty of the beaches and at the same time you want to see people mad over Indian religion and customs, then this place is perfect for you.

2) It is Like Goa without the Crowd

No one loves the crowd, and one cannot deny the fact that Goa is always on their bucket list. Trust me Goa is not even 10 percent of Gokarna. It might be having some other things that are really beautiful but as compared to the size and the things that you get in Gokarna is far more than Goa.

You can get hold on some really amazing dishes here, and it will surely take your heart away. Moreover, it is much cheaper than living in Goa and with that, you get your own space without any extra crowd over the beaches.

3) Its Beautiful Beaches

Beaches are the perfect place, and if you ever come across an empty space with the smooth sand all over the place, then it could be one of the best experiences that you could ever have. Well, don’t worry about that as Gokarna has so many beaches to offer and one cannot deny the fact that the number of beaches that you get to see here is nowhere else in India. You can get to all the beaches by yourself with some small treks near Luxury Hotel Karnataka, and this coast of Karnataka is full of beaches along with the Arabian Sea.

4) The Shack Life

Yes, the shack life, and you can make the most out of it. Gokarna is not like other beaches, and it is more like a calm and peaceful location to spend your day perfectly. However, if you are much fond of the nightlife, then Gokarna is a little bit different. There are shacks near Luxury Villa Gokarna that lit up as the sun goes down and then there is an open mic where you can sing, perform or just have dinner over there with all good music and vibes.

5) You Can Go Camping

Well, you got that right, and it is true that you can get to set up your tent on a beach. This is really out of the box thing but you are going to enjoy living by the ocean under the starry sky, and the sound of water hitting the coast make it lovely and beautiful. If you haven’t experienced any of these things, then you are not truly living.

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