Indian Railways – Lifeline of India

IRCTC next generation carry the legacy left by the British. They cater to a billion people and they are correctly called the “ Lifeline of India “. The Indian Railways are managed by the ministry of railways and trains are not only run within the boundaries but are also run into the neighbouring countries.

The very first train was run between Mumbai and Thane by the British in the year of 1853. Since then the IRCTC next gen have come a long way and is now one of the largest rail networks in the world. According to a survey, the Indian Railways carry approximately 20 million passengers each day across the country. This gigantic feat is achieved each day by running more than 13,000 trains connecting over 7000 stations across the country. The Indian Railways is a giant source of employment as well. With over 1.4 million employees, it is one of the largest employers in the world. Some of the locations of the Indian Railways have been chosen by UNESCO as world heritage site because of their history, beauty and engineering marvel. The booking portal of the Indian Railways, IRCTC login has come as a lifesaver for the Indian masses and it is evident from the huge number of hits it gets every minute. The Indian Railways offer something for everyone in India and this is what makes the railways a highly competitive and successful means of transport in India. You can download the IRCTC app by clicking on the following link

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