Front Load Washing Machine: Features, Pros & Cons

If you are looking for the best washing machine without any budget constraints, you should definitely go for front load washing machine as it can save water and electricity bill in the long run. It also has some cool features making it well worth the money.

Key features

  • Front load washing machine usually takes less water but need permanent water supply.
  • Once placed, they cannot be moved. They are very heavy.
  • They give better wash output as they use tumble wash action.
  • Wash cycle usually lasts longer than that of top loader.
  • Front load washing machines require higher water pressure than top load washing machines.
  • All front load washing machines are fully automatic. Hence, they are gentler on the clothes.
  • Front loaders usually cost more than top loaders but they save energy.
  • You cannot open it until the cycle completes.


Better Performance, Less Damage

Front loaders are much more efficient than top loaders and put less wear and tear on clothes than top loaders. It is because they don’t have central agitator like in top load washing machine. Central agitator is actually a full size central post that has wide rubber fins that spin in halting and quick pattern on the wash cycle. On the other side, the agitator can rip clothes and stray threads. The tumble wash is aided by gravity and is far gentler on clothes.

Fewer Cycles

Front load washing machines have large load capacity so you can fit more clothing in its compartments. So, you can do laundry far less often.

Energy and water saving

Front load washing machines are well known for energy and water saving. They use only 1/3rd amount of energy, water and detergent as compared to top loaders. Initial cost might be higher but it can save money in the long run.



It goes without saying that front loaders cost more initially for dryers and washers with great features. But they can save money in the long run.

Longer cycle time

According to the cycle desired, front load washing cycles can take more time. The clothing hits only the water part as barrel spins. It is especially because your clothing gets cleaner and bears less wear and tear.

Door doesn’t open once starts

On the front load washing machine, the door remains closed to keep water inside. So, you cannot do last moment laundry once it starts.

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