Booking tickets made simpler with IRCTC online booking

A large part of the Indian transport is dependent on the Indian Railways. Offline booking of the tickets is quite a task because often serpentine queues adorn the booking counters much before the tickets are available. But with the advent of the IRCTC online portal and the digitalization of the country, most people now look to book the tickets online. The new website of the Indian Railways have many new features like you can check the availability of a train without using IRCTC login. The website has train booking options and along with that flight and road booking options are also available. The revamped version of the website includes a number of tour packages being offered by IRCTC. The previous website used to have issues like outages, timeouts, and login issues. But this new one is user-friendly and most of the issues of the previous one has been taken care of. The revamped version has many features dedicated to making the booking of tickets much simpler.

The new website of IRCTC Next generation gives detailed information about the fares and the availability of the trains. A new feature on the website predicts the chances of a waitlisted ticket being confirmed. Users can now choose different accommodations on other trains in case of being on the waiting list of one train. Users have the option to change a boarding point and can ask to receive texts regarding the same. IRCTC next gen has also launched a mobile app and through this app, even platform tickets can be purchased.

You can start booking your tickets online by clicking the following link

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