Best water purifier in India

Water that comes in our tap contains several types of impurities, micro-organisms, etc. in it. Drinking such impure water can cause a lot of harm to our body. That is where water purification systems are needed.

These systems are based on different water filtering technologies that purify water and makes it hygienic. There are several different water purifier systems available on the market. It is important to perform extensive research before you invest your money on any system. We are sharing with you some of the best water purifiers  that you should buy.

Kent Grand Eight Litre Wall Mounted RO+UF+UV+TDS Water Filtration System

Kent is considered to be the best manufacturing companies in water filtration. It is an RO, UF, UV, and TDS, water purifier that gives the best protection to people. This kent purifier system has got a capacity of nearly eight liters that makes it a good purifier system for medium to large sized families.

Made with double filtration technology, it has the ability to efficiently clean all the impurities and ensure that the water is 100% safe for drinking. Kent Grand water purification system is NSF, WQA, CE and ISI Certified. That gives an assurance to buyers that the product has been strongly tested and is designed to deliver the best performance.

Kent Maxx 7 Litres UV Water Purifier

This water purification system is ideal for medium-sized families. It has got a nice capacity of around seven liters. Its double filtering technology has the ability to clean impurities and ensure that the water that comes out from it is 100% filtered for drinking purpose. Kent Maxx has the capability to purify water that comes from all sources.

Made with ABS quality food grade plastic, this purifier system rated for its durability and high strength. You will find this Kent water filtration system with specialized filters and an alert feature that informs its user to get it replaced at the right point of time.

Kent Pearl Eight Liters Mineral RO+ UF UV+ Water Purifier System

Kent is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of the water purification system. Though there are multiple products by various different manufacturers in the market, Kent is the most recognized water purifiers companies in India. Their effectiveness, durability, reliability, and conformation to the standards are a few reasons that make water filtration systems from this brand always stand out.

Kent Pearl water purifier system is a UV, RO, and UF all in 1 purification system that is a remarkable fit irrespective of the kind of water purifier that you must be looking for. It has got a medium capacity with around eight liters of storage.

This system automatically detects micro-organisms and deactivates them by a UV lamp of 11 watts present at the entrance of the purifier system. The “UV fail alarm”, and a filter change alarm provides notification to the user to get their filters changed. As this water purification system is completely automated, there is very less need for manual interaction.

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