5 best baby soap brands in India

A smiling face, giggling cheeks yes it’s a baby.  A baby is the most expensive and irreplaceable gift for parents. In a family, everyone tries to comfort the baby at a new place and tries to give all possible benefits. We fill best brands should be given to the baby.  Well, it should be in practice because babies do have sensitive skin. The products used must be properly tested and experimented before use. Some people avoid using cosmetics products for the baby in the fear of getting any rashes on the body of the baby and replace the cosmetic products by home – remedies.

Johnson & Johnson – the brand Johnson & Johnson is well known and even our forefathers have used it. It is one of the most trusted and most talked brands. When we think we need to buy any products for a baby our tongue automatically speaks J& J. This is the brand value Johnson & Johnson have.

Murtela – This brand also provides and maintains a delicacy of the baby skin, without causing any harm or burning effect to the body surface of the baby.

Doy Soap- It’s really fascinating the baby and they stop crying while taking a bath because the shape of soap is in the form of animals. It gives all-around protection/ acts as all-rounder.

Dove – We usually Dove is only limited to shampoo & conditioners, but the brand has extended itself to baby soaps and makes the baby feel like he/she is taking a nap in a milk tub.

Himalaya- Himalaya nourishing baby bar contains ingredients like olive oil, which provides a gentle effect to the baby’s skin.


Soaps are usually used when hygiene or cleanliness is concerned. There are plenty full of baby soaps available in the Indian market. We just need to understand or know which products is the best suit for the baby. Not all soaps provide side effects but there are certain brands mentioned below which gives a soothing effect and smooth moistening skin to the baby.

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